Matlock Bath Aquarium

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The Thermal Pool

The Thermal Pool is fed with water at a constant 20 degrees celsius, from a spring believed to be around 2,000ft below ground. This water gushes out and through the pool at a phenomenal rate of 600,000 gallons a day - it is the equivalent of filling this old swimming pool 18 times a day.

On frosty days steam can seen rising from the Thermal Pool, a reminder of how warm it is.

The huge iron girders still span the pool from Victorian times, when people would travel great distances to come and bathe in the Thermal spring water as it was believed to have healing properties for rheumatic problems and digestive disorders. One chap actually made a business out of selling the water claiming it would restore hair loss!

The video clip above is a rare high view of the pool taken during maintenance work in early 2014. It shows one of the pools used to raise young fry in our breeding programme and towards the end of the clip, the spring water can be seen entering the pool in the top left hand corner, and finally the huge Victorian Iron girders that once held the old roof.

Click play to see the fish feeding in front of you.