Matlock Bath Aquarium

& Exhibitions.




In 2013 we started an ongoing annual refurbishment program. Within this first year the Hologram Gallery received new LED lighting and fittings, an extensive repair to the aquarium floor was undertaken and our first venture into Koi breeding began. Also during this year our new website was launched and the Aquarium and Exhibitons were registered onto Trip Advisor.


Our second year of renovations saw many improvements and modernisations to the Aquarium. The terrapin display received a total refit where we replaced the ceiling and insulation and introduced a new air-moving fan system to overcome a condensation problem.

The terrapin display complete refurbishment...

...gave our terrapin's a new, more attractive display.

This year we also refurbished some of the Aquarium display tanks, our Tanganyika cichlids and mudskippers received new improved homes and modern digital displays were added throughout, giving our customers a variety of additional information as they visit.

New display tanks gave new life to our aquarium.


During 2015 cosmetic improvments to the thermal pool were undertaken. The poolside walls were repaired and repainted giving the area a fresh new look.

The poolside walls were repaired and repainted.

As part of our regular maintenance programme, a full pool clean is done to ensure that the fish in the thermal pool have a clean and safe place to live. These pictures below show this process being done.


Our next series of improvments saw the replacement of the fencing that surrounds the thermal pool as well as the artwork around the entranceway to the aquarium and exhibitions was cleaned and repainted giving it a brand-new look.


Refurbishments continued in 2017, the old Victorian girders that span the thermal pool were sandblasted and given a fresh coat of paint.

A new roof covering was constructed above the pool this year giving our visitors a space of comfort and shelter from any bad weather and enabling us to be an all-weather attraction. This was a huge undertaking and took many months of work to see it to completion.

An aerial view of the pool shows the huge scale of the task at hand..

Over 400 scaffold boards were used during construction!


Continuing our annual improvemtents, we designed and produced new information boards for around the thermal pool. These give our visitors information on the history of the thermal baths and the fish that live within.

Other improvements were made to the day-to-day running of the atrractions including the creation of new promotional leaflets and the installation of a card payment system for our visitors.


So far throughout 2019 our Hologram Gallery has received cosmetic improvements including the refurbishment and repainting of the gallery walls alongside the aquistion of new holograms for our visitors to enjoy. A new, improved air conditioning system has been installed for comfort of our customers in the ground floor area.

More improvements to our aquarium, gallery and other attractions are planned ensuring our visitors have a great experience and our returning customers have something novel to enjoy each visit.